Police Vehicle Security Cages

Brief: To design and manufacture a number of Police Vehicle Security Cages for single special vehicles and a full fleet of vehicles

Solution: Here at Universal Fabrications, we have designed and manufactured different variants of security cages for over 20 years. Therefore we were able to draw on our expertise to complete the brief perfectly for our client. 

Automotive Lifting Solutions

Brief: To design and manufacture a lifting solution to assist with the opening of a production vehicle bonnet.

Solution: A gas strut was chosen to assist with lifting the load. This was then built into a easy to carry and use system made from sheet metal components and Tig welded together.

Special Vehicle Differential Casing

Brief: To machine from solid aluminium a 2 piece differential casing using a customer’s 3d model, with tight time constraints and very tight tolerances, this was a job for our most senior of staff members.

Solution: Using two of our 5 Axis machining centres the parts were completed in time and finished to an excellent quality. The customer was delighted and we received fantastic feedback from their engineers doing the build.

Hot Swap Electronics Housing

The electronics housing was part of an order which consisted of over 100 parts and assemblies which included many different final finishes. With such a large amount of parts on order and the need for them to be delivered in sets, a great deal of production management was introduced.

The result of the extensive planning was a smooth and unhindered build at the customers end, this also helped to complete their project ahead of time.

Defense Sensor Shaft Support

The housing came about after many meetings with both the Universal team of design engineers and the customers. This helped to moved the project away from using costly machined items to a more cost effective laser cut fabrication.

This also saved the customer a lot of lead time as the sheet metal equivalent was faster to produce.